My Top 20 Hair Essentials


I am finally sharing my hair arsenal with you. I get so many questions about the products I use on my curls. I switch up products and styling tools depending on my hair needs from Summer to Winter. But these 20 products are an essential part of my life daily hair routine.

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1.     As I Am Coconut Cowash - this a staple product that I use in between wash days to refresh and cleanse my hair without stripping the moisture.

2.     Diffuser Attachment- I don’t really like to diffuse my hair but this comes in handy during the cold winter months. You attach it to the end of your blow-dryer. This allows you to dry your hair without using your hands to prevent damage.

3.     Hair Clips - I just discovered these babies recently and I love them. After I’ve completed my wash day and styled I use these to clip the front piece of my hair back to give me some extra volume while air drying.

4.     Silk Pillowcases- Whether you use a silk pillowcase, silk bonnet or silk scarf, it’s so important to protect your hair while you sleep.

5.     Heated Cap - Deep conditioning is an essential part of a healthy hair routine no matter what your texture. Heat helps to penetrate moisture deep into your hair. This microwavable cap allows you to a heated deep treatment from the comfort of your home.

6.     Hair Steamer- The Q-Redew steamer is one of my favorites. It is a handheld steamer that adds moisture back into your hair to help detangle, refresh or deep condition your hair.

7.     ORS Olive Oil Edge Control- It is important to find a good edge control to lay your baby hairs. I like this one because it has olive oil in it and doesn’t flake.

8.     Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Everyone needs to have this oil in their arsenal. It helps to rejuvenate hair growth. It is a perfect thing to add to a hot oil treatment or deep conditioner.

9.     DevaCurl Light Defining Gel- This product has been a staple for me for about 6 years now. I absolutely love the DevaCurl line and this gel always gives me defined curls that are soft and bouncy.

10.  Tub Shroom- If you have a lot of hair and it shed this will save you from great plumbing expenses. You pop this in your drain and it collects the hair instead of stopping up your drain.

11.  DevaCurl One Conditioner- This is my favorite conditioner. It offers great slip, moisture and definition.

12.  Spray Bottle- For all my natural girls this is a major plug. Ditch your basic drug store brand spray bottles. This one is specially designed with an aerosol spray nozzel that allows a constant stream of water with one single press.

13.  Edge Brush - This is a dual compact edge brush and comb. I love using this to lay my edges.

14.  Microfiber Towel- When you are styling your curls it’s important to prevent frizz. Whether you use a cotton t-shirt or this kind of towel just avoid using your hands. Regular towels are drying and cause breakage. I love how big this towel is I can wrap it around my shoulders while I’m styling to prevent my clothes from getting wet.

15.  Vita Goods Scalp Massager- OMG when I tell y'all this is the most amazing thing ever. I use it to scratch my head, to get the blood flowing and stimulate my scalp with oil and to wash my hair. It is battery powered and does the work of a salon shampooer for you.

16.  DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder- Hands down this is the best detangler I have ever used. I recommend it to everyone because it has such great slip.

17.  Denman Brush- This is the holy grail of wet brushes. It is great for detangling as well as defining my hair. It is also very easy to clean.

18.  DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Styler - This is one of my favorite cream based stylers. You don’t need a lot of this product because of its thick consistency but it is a great sealant as well as definer.

19.  Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Shampoo- I added this to my routine when I was transitioning back to healthy hair after extreme heat damage and multiple big chops. This Aphogee line is made for damaged, dry, brittle hair. This shampoo prevents breakage and the protein strengthens the hair shaft.

20.  Silk Scrunchie- The only way to maintain your curls is in a top pineapple style while sleeping. Tight srunchies can cause breakage and be too tight while sleeping. This is a soft delicate hair tie that gets the job done while protecting the hair.