DIY Aloe Vera Hair Referesher Spray

Aloe Vera has so many benefits for skin and hair. I created a DIY hairspray to refresh dry and damaged hair with fresh aloe vera. I went to Publix (my local grocery store) and bought two stalks of aloe vera. They were on sale for 2 for $4 and totally worth it. I wanted to try making this hair refresher spray to add extra moisture to my hair. This refreshing hairspray can be used as a pre-poo or as a daily way to refresh your hairstyle. This process can be a bit sticky and messy, but a little bit of aloe goes a long way. I have 1 stalk that I didn't use and half of the other one left over. If you are looking to add moisture to your hair you should definitely incorporate aloe vera into your hair routine. Let me tell yall! I should've been using this mixture on my hair for years. Immediately after applying it, my hair instantly became so moisturized and had soo much slip it was crazy. I braided my hair overnight and when I woke up it was still so moisturized! Please give it a try and let me know your thoughts. 

In order to make this hairspray you need. 

- an aloe vera stalk 

- a glass of purified water (add water to the blender to cover the aloe jelly)

- a knife and cutting board (cut edges off cut into smaller pieces)

- a spoon  (use spoon in order to scoop out jelly)

a small bowl (to hold your aloe vera while cutting

- a blender (to blend the mixture together)

-a strainer (to strain the mixture after you blend so that you won't have any chunks in your hairspray)

- a measuring cup (to transfer your mixture into your spray bottle)

- a spray bottle (to hold the spray once you've made it and for easy application)

Cassidy Sparks