Young creative Donyé Taylor gets real about design.


Donyé Taylor is the creative to know for all your marketing needs. She is the co-owner of The Digital Footprint, a 360-degree creative marketing agency comprised of problem solvers and content creator

The Prince George's Country native has a background in graphic design, social media, and content marketing. With a company that is just one year old, she has made great strides of success working with some of the hottest brands such as Nike, Cîroc, Roc Nation, Revolt, and more. Taylor is known for her crisp logos, clean websites, and her crazy out of the box ideas. Continue reading to find out more about her story and how you can hire her for your marketing need

How did you get your start in design?

I have always been very creative and into designing stuff since I was little! My first digital design experience that I can remember was back in middle school (2007). This was when Myspace was on and popping. I was the girl that was always adding cool stuff to my page and doing cute funky tricks, and people were always asking me like, “How did you do that? Can you do mine?” I always said yes because they were my friends. I never used the standard font, I always switched it up. As soon as people started doing their pages like mine, I would find something else to do that was different. I never liked being like anyone else. At the time, I didn’t even know that what I was doing was a skill or a talent, I just knew that I enjoyed it and was having fun. From there, I just grew and grew my skills. By 2009, I was using Photoshop and illustrator. I enrolled myself into YouTube university and the rest is history!

Tell me about the Digital Footprint.

TDF Is my baby! It’s a full 360 Creative Agency that literally does everything that you can imagine! From Photography to social media management, to graphic and web design, to event planning and the list goes on. We pride ourselves on generating cultural relevance for companies and brands using design, development, and direction. Currently, there are 6 members of the digital footprint. My partner (@rayandnite) and I are the co-founders and officially started TDF last year. We got the idea when we were working in the marketing department at a company about a couple of years ago. My background is in digital design and content strategy, while his background is in creative consulting, marketing, and event planning. We were always trying to push the needle forward, and there were always people trying to push it back. We got tired of being forced to think inside of a box, so we left and we decided to do things our way! That mixed with everybody knowing us as the “plug” when it comes to giving recommendations for creative all played a major role in what it is today. The other 4 members are creatives: Cierra Pena @masterched: Assistant Designer Rufus Perrin @majinrue: Photographer / Videographer Shahid Qadir @shotbyshahid: Photo and Video Jordan Lynam @Shotsbylynam: Photo and Video. We like to push the narrative that we are all equal and each person provides a unique service.

How do you stay on the leading edge of your craft?

I just try to not be “overly influenced.” This means just sticking to what I like, not because it's cool or trendy, but because I like it. I apply this same ideology in my leadership role as co-founder and head of design at The Digital Footprint. A lot of times when you follow trends, you put yourself in a digital black hole. You’re constantly seeking after the next thing because your whole brand was built off the next thing or the next person. If you’re copying someone, you will always be a step behind and will never be in control of your own pace. At our company, we don’t try to be better than anyone, we just try to be the best that we know how to be. That formula has been working for us thus far.

What sets you apart from others in your field?

I think the lifestyle component is what separates me. Most digital designers are not that relatable. When you think of a woman designer, you think of her dressing very conservative, borderline nerdy, and the list goes on. Me on the other hand, I am the total opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I love posting up in Starbucks for hours with my Chai Tea Latte and my laptop, but I also love a good happy hour or a good night out on the town as well. I love dressing sexy and showing off my body, all while maintaining business reports and being classy. I make design “cool” and I make it relatable to everyone.

Who are some of your inspirations?

@mikecarson is one. In the future, I really want to get into stage design and creative directing for tours, and Mike Carson is the goat of that! He has designed stages for Travis Scott, Drake and the list goes on. @solacilike is another! She’s bomb! I Love her. I have never met her in person but we always talk on IG. She is a WOC [woman of color] just like me, and when it comes to incorporating lifestyle into design, she nails it! Her work is sick. @cardib lol Cardi inspires me like no other. She is the definition of being yourself while not caring about what anybody else thinks. Her genuine spirit, humor, and hustle easily makes her one of my inspirations. @alealimay is my last inspiration, but not least! She’s so mysterious and powerful and bomb and ugh I could go on for days. I love how she manages to be so feminine and sexy without “doing too much” if that makes sense. I love how she moves in silence and is branding herself not just as a stylist but as a fashion icon.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself passing the torch to other young women designers and hopefully stepping into my next purpose. I want to reach more people and make more of an impact, and I feel like to do that I need to get from behind the computer. I hope to see myself doing more public speaking, doing huge scale marketing campaigns, having multiple office spaces for the digital footprint (kind of like a we work but more urban). Finally, I hope to be happy, happy with myself and happy with my career.

What advice do you have for other women who want to follow in your footsteps?

Ask for help! Always ask for help! Never be scared to ask. A lot of time people feel like they must do everything on their own. That’s not true! Some of the greatest brands in the history of the world were great not because of one person, but because of one team.

You can follow her on IG @donyetaylor for stunning content, along with her daily business and design tips!

If you are interested in checking out her company, The Digital Footprint and their rates head over to the link.