Blooming with Girl Boss Imani Tibbs


Imani Denmark Tibbs is someone I've looked up to for a couple of years now. She is a woman who sets her goals and achieves them on her own time. Imani recently released her all-encompassing book,"The Spiritual Guide for Women in Bloom." This is a 28-day devotional that walks you through the God-ordained process of blooming into your purpose. I am currently reading her book, and using it as a part of my spiritual journey. I believe it is a book that all women in their 20's should read as they discover who they are through careers, relationships and fulfilling their purpose. 

Imani told me about her unique journey into bloom.  


1. If you could describe Imani Denmark Tibbs in one sentence, how would you?

A source of endless light and inspiration. 


2. What sparked you to write Bloom and tell me about?

I wrote Bloom selfishly; I had just quit my job and I was just trying to encourage myself through all of those crazy thoughts, "What are you going to do next?" "Can you stick with anything long term," "You'll be right back in corporate because you're not cut out for this." You know -- the usual train of self defeating thoughts. But then I started to journal and I wrote down this phrase:You are Blooming through life. 

So I went to the Word of God and began to read all of these stories on Biblical heroes -- Ruth, David, Job, Joseph -- and the more I read, the more I realized that I wasn't going through this transition alone,  but that this is a standard prerequisite for greatness. So using the idea of Blooming as a thesis of sorts, I separated this transition into four [4] parts: seedtime, water, exposure, and Bloom. Then I went back the Word of God under this lens and broke down the process from those unique perspectives. 

I think the biggest take away from the book really comes from Jeremiah 1:5. This is the passage that says, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart for my holy purpose. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations." All of this to say, that who you are is not a surprise to God. What you'll encounter is no surprise to  Him either. And just like a rose seed has no choice but to become a rose, so too will you bloom into the perfect manifestation of what God anointed you to be. 


3. What advice do you have for young girls and women who are struggling with trying to find out their paths? 

Stay in motion. I know that the path reveals itself as you start taking the steps towards uncovering it. We're often so afraid of embarrassing ourselves or failing that we'll stay in the same position hoping for a sign or a nudge, but life doesn't work that way.  I kid you not, the things I've been able to accomplish in my life have primarily been a happy accident. By remaining open and saying yes to a lot of things, I've been able to eliminate what I don't like and focus on what I'm good at. 

I love this analogy:

Imagine a car parked on a winding road at night. You turn the high beams on and now you can see -- what -- 20 feet ahead of you? Now you can see that there's a curve to your left and a family of deer to your right, but you can't see what's at foot 21 until put the car in drive.

If you consistently move, life will correct you and place you in the right position at the right time but the key is movement. 


4. What women inspire you the most?

My mother and my grandmother; they're such amazing examples of excellence and building the life of your dreams. 

I think because we're living in a time where the narrative is shifting towards female empowerment, I'm consistently inspired by women who are creating a phenomenal life on their own terms. 









To name a few. 


5. What does being a Girl Boss mean to you? 

Telling your story your way. Owning life's lemons and making the best tasting lemonade on this side of heaven. 


6. What are some of those spiritual things you do for Imani when maybe you're having a bad day to make yourself feel better?

Definitely talk to God through journaling. I think I've come to realize that no matter how much your family and friends care about you, there are still some things that they can't talk you through. When things get rough, I talk to God about them with the understanding that none of this takes Him by surprise. I vent to Him just like I vent to my girlfriends but the peace I receive is infinitely better. 



Staring at the sky. 

Anything to bring me back to center. 


You can follow Imani on Instagram @Imanidenmarktibbs and you can purchase "Bloom" from the link below.

Cassidy Sparks