Cerese D. talks about her exclusive jewelry business.

Cerese D Jewelry is jewelry design company based in Atlanta, Georgia started by a mother and daughter duo. Cerese makes jewelry for varying women's organiztions. I had the amazing opportunity to model with my Sorors for as apart of her Alpha Kappa Alpha jewelery line. Cerese spoke with me about her company and passion for creating beautiful jewelery. 


When did you start Cerese D Jewelry and tell me a little bit about that experience?

We were started in about 2004, when I was working as an commerical interior designer in Buckhead. I took a class on how to make jewelry and about 2 years later, quit my job to make jewelry full time. I have always hand made different things and this was just one of those things that took off once my mother joined in. We are a mother daugther business selling internationally.


How would you describe your jewelry pieces? 

Most of our pieces are bold statement pieces. 


Do you cater your jewelry designs to certain organizations?

We cater to women of all types. We have a vast clientel from professional corporate women to sorority organizations such as: AKA, DST, Zeta and The Links, Inc.


What is your creative process when designing? 

My creative process while creating is just to let the stones speak to me. Sometimes I let them marinate together and look at them for a week or so until something comes to me. Other times ideas are clear and ready to go. Just depends.


Where do you see Cerese D jewelry in 5 years? 

That answer changes yearly. Based on various goals our company sets. Different oppourtunities come up all the time and that puts a twist on our plans. Those twists can be good or bad.


Where can customers purchase your pieces (including list of events )? 

CereseD.com, Sorority conventions, Private shopping appointments in our Atlanta studio.


What advice do you have for aspiring jewelry designers, and do you offer opportunities for internships?

Do your research in every aspect especially pricing your goods and the pricing of materials. Design what you love. There are no magic secrets to the business. Yes we offer internships.


You can shop her pieces at her website https://ceresed.com/