Ciara Jibri talks about curating HAUS of Mimosa

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Ciara Jibri is a fashion publicist and experienced curator located in Chicago, IL. She has used her network to create a bi-monthly networking social that highlights the upcoming, unknown & established creatives/entrepreneurs in Chicago. Aside from the riveting conversation, the event has an added bonus, unlimited mimosas, yes you heard it, UNLIMITED MIMOSAS! Ciara Jibri told me all about her networking niche and helping people not only start, but maintain a business.


Who is Ciara Jibri?

Ciara Jibri is a woman of many hats. I am a fashion publicist, creative director but nonetheless, an experienced curator. 

What is Haus of Mimosa and what inspired you to create it? 

HAUS of Mimosa is a bi-monthly networking social that highlights the upcoming, unknown & established creatives/entrepreneurs in conversation whilst having unlimited mimosas. My favorite drink is mimosas and whenever I'm hosting, I always offer mimosas and my friends would always refer to my home as the house of mimosas and from me loving to connect people in business and networking coming naturally for me, I decided to blend the two.  

What keeps you motivated each day?

I was very close to my grandmother who recently passed & before she made her transition, I promised her and made an obligation to myself that I would never stop my passion for creating experiences for people. My family, friends, and boyfriend also keep me motivated each day, I often have my doubts like anyone else would but my support system really keeps me on feet. 

How does your platform enable you to change your community?

The HOM platform was created to teach creatives how to network and maintain healthy business relationships. Young people often start businesses without being knowledgeable of business etiquette and I am looking to change that in my community. 

How do you maintain your success?

I just keep going! I've had times where I wanted to give up & I had times where I've become frustrated but I know what my end goal is. I don't even look at it as maintaining success, I look at it as getting shit DONE! I love what I do & I love seeing the end results. so when things don't go as planned, I legit turn lemons into lemonade! Plus, I have great people around me too!

What advice do you have for women who are trying to achieve their goals?

Well for starters, I encourage everyone to be themselves at all times. Remain professional but never change who you are. Secondly, to take TRY out of their vocabulary. There is no trying, just do! Be sure to study your craft, work hard and never take NO for an answer & never wait for anyone to knock on your door with success/fame. You have to want it, earn it and demand it! Oh wait one more thing, always keep good people/energy around you. Having a good support system is truly what is needed to conquer all.

What does being a girl boss mean to you?

I see a lot of women promoting themselves as a girl boss because they own businesses but I truly feel that doesn't equate to what the meaning of a girl boss is. A girl boss can be someone who can run a business, YES but it has to be done professionally and successfully. A girl boss to me is also a woman who can and will help open doors for others, financially and mentally. 

How can people get in contact with you?

My name is @CiaraJibri on all social media platforms, to do biz they can email me at or check out my website :) Let's chat yall! 


Ciara Jibri at one of her HAUS of Mimosa events.

Ciara Jibri at one of her HAUS of Mimosa events.