Infuse your life with Alexandra Winbush

Brittney Winbush tells us about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and exploring her creative passion.

Who is Brittney Winbush?

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Brittney is a creative, serial entrepreneur, who in no way has it figured out,but is enjoying the journey. She is walking in the steps that God has ordained for her. She is a food loving, wine drinking, candle lighting, tea connoisseur - traveler. 

What is Alexandra Winbush?

My brand Alexandra Winbush is my middle and last name, I like the sound of it, it sounds timeless and I feel like it doesn’t tie me down to one set of products. I plan to grow and I know this is a name that will grow with me. Alexandra Winbush is a piece of peace or a vibe in a box as I like to say. I sell candles and tea separately but also as a set that comes with a curated playlist to match the vibe! Alexandra Winbush is my passion project, something that I truly love and am so excited to share with people. 


What was the driving force behind AW? 

When it comes to Alexandra Winbush - it really came naturally. I’ve always wanted to sell a product, but nothing every stuck or truly felt right. One night, while sitting in my room - with a candle lit that my brother bought me for Christmas, I thought “I really love candles and I want more.” From there, the idea grew. I aligned it with more passions, I included a mission, I reflected on how my story and experiences perfectly aligned with this and I knew I was doing exactly what God had destined for me to do. The depression, the house fire, my college experiences, all ended up being a part of my testimony, the driving force behind my brand. 

What keeps you motivated? 

Now that I’m working on a project that I am completely passionate about - that is motivation alone. I’m also motivated by my customers, they want and DESERVE these good vibes, so I must get it to them. I’ve never sold a product before, so a lot of this is very new to me and it is hard and it’s easy to get discouraged. However, when you love it and believe in your product you’re going to get up and get S*** done. 

What do you do to relax or regain clarity? 

I got really overwhelmed and stressed out the other night and no lie, I brewed some of my lemongrass ginger tea - lit my Sunday in Brooklyn candle, turned on the Sunday in Brooklyn playlist and danced around my living room. After I finished the tea I had some red wine. Sometimes we’re all just too busy and too serious. It helps me to remind myself I’m still a young 25-year-old woman who strives to laugh and dance around her living room for no reason at all. 

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What does being a girl boss mean to you?

To me, being a girl boss means DOING IT. Whatever IT may be. So often I’ve gotten caught up in things, let things fall to the side or didn’t really put my all into it - that’s not being a boss, that’s being a half "asser" person. I know that girl well and I don’t want to know her anymore. So, to me,being a girl boss is putting your mind to something and seeing it through. 

What advice do you have to other girls or women who want to pursue entrepreneurial goals? 

I would tell any girl or woman out there that has goals that want to pursue, to just do it. Kill the excuses and just do it. If you want to start a business but work a full-time job - not an excuse. Plan what you can do on your lunch break or dedicate an hour every morning or every night to your brand or business. If you want to move you must start. I would also say be fearless, of course you’ll hear some no’s and there will be naysayers but guess what…a no won’t kill you. Keep pushing, you can do this. 

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