Get your job on with Jobbin with Jas

Jasmin Forts is Certified Career Coach. Corporate Leader. Livelihood Enthusiast. Jas uses her passion to help guide people through lifes's challenges. Check out her story below. 

How did you arrive at your desired career path?

I really wanted to be a Fashion designer or graffiti artist. I got pregnant in college and had to make real money! I was typecasted when walking in as a single mother looking for work. I hated how some people behind the interviewing desk acted... so I was going to make it my life's work to get behind that HR desk and lift the veil to hiring practice. 15 years later- I work as the Head of Talent Acquisition for a Healthcare Tech company.

When did you create Jobbing with Jas and what was the driving force?

5 years ago. Seeing other women like me with similar stories was the driving force to creating Jobbing With Jas. It was important that I had the chance to give the insider secrets to recruitment and other job searching strategies the masses don't know. Understanding that women of color are marginalized in several spaces- wherever I could help, I will! The driver now is seeing the offer letters or new found confidence of my clients!



Tell me about Thee Werk Place.

Ha! It came about on accident. Although my husband says nothing is on accident. I was tired of paying to be in business around Atlanta. I booked events and seminars all of over town and I was barely bringing in a profit. After talking to other business owners like myself- I knew I had to create a space we could use for a reasonable price. It was important that it was a peaceful, beautiful place to work and host events. It is! I am proud of bringing this space to my community of women business owners. If you see a need... meet it. I used the money from Jobbing With Jas for the initial investment to start and now Thee Werk Place hosts workshops, baby showers, bridal showers, classes, marketing meetings... you name it we have hosted it.

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What keeps you motivated?

Creating a legacy. Something that says "Jasmin Forts was here" is my motivation with everything I do. The women before me had so many dreams they were unable to live. Those dreams are wrapped up in me and if I make my mark... that means they live on too.

What are your thoughts on collaboration over competition?

I believe I am the personification of collaboration. If you visit any of my social media you can see all things I partner with other women on. I loooove it! I grew u with a house full of sisters so I didn't have any angst or nervousness about working with other women. I am a girl's girl. I have a tribe of girlfriends that I adore and it is important my daughter sees it. I believe what is for me.. is mine. There is no competition in what is already predestined for me.

What does being a girl boss mean to you?

It means being a servant leader. It means listening too. Putting the needs of those I am serving first is what makes the best bosses- especially the girl ones.

What do you do to refresh and regain clarity?

I log off social media and hang with my family. I run & read a lot too. These things keep me grounded and clear on what my goals are in every facet of life.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

There are no cheat codes to life. This adulting thing is tough. I've noticed after helping so many women across the states- we make life harder on ourselves. Focus on your magic and your talents. Create boundaries and stick to them. Once we understand that life is a process and NOTHING comes overnight (except rest) it gets better. My favorite quote from Maya Angelou, "Nothing will work UNLESS you do."