Diamond Coles creates a brand that uplifts Black women's natural beauty



Diamond Coles is a creative soul seeking to break the 9-5 rut. Her journey at Howard University allowed her to find herself and to embark on her entrepreneurial endeavors. Through her love for art and self, she has developed a line of t-shirts in her likeness. The brand is catered to uplifting her own and unveiling her truth through clothing. Each piece in her line is dedicated to Black women's natural hair journey.

How do you describe your personal brand?

I would describe my personal brand as the intersection of creativity, minimalism, and support of my own. Through the extension my style I hope to have expressed my essence, so that it may be enjoyed beyond my reach. 

Where did the name Vantage Black come from? 

There is something about black people. We create and inspire thoughts and concepts that are the seeds of life. Our style and passion is what drives the inspiration for those who can’t help but to follow. Vantage Black was birthed from the advantage that is blackness, as it is the vantage point for all other derivations of creation. 

What does being a girl boss mean to you? 

Being a girl boss means following the dream you’ve created for yourself. Maintaining the same energy and drive that began your dreaming. Investing in yourself to ensure you do what you were created for—inspiring others. For what feels like forever, images of male bosses have been the only ones presented to young girls. I think it’s extremely important that we change that narrative and showcase the power that is a girl boss.


What sets your brand apart from others?

My brand is uniquely my own. It highlights the individuality and essence of Black people through my lens. I hope that through my brand it is realized the beauty that is us and all that we naturally create. 

What can we expect in the future from your company?

My goal begins as a virtual store selling clothing catered to Black people. However, I would establish the brand as one focused on helping Black-owned businesses, so that I may expand to a social media marketing agency. Through developing myself and the brand I will be able to showcase to others how I built a business from scratch, thus leading to workshops and speaking opportunities. I will work with influencers and Instagram to become a household name. These methods will provide me with a solid base of consumers that will give me potential leverage for future endeavors; such as, a festival honoring and celebrating Black-owned businesses globally. 

What is the hardest challenge of being a millennial entrepreneur? 

The hardest challenge that I have faced is lack of support. The first thing I always hear when I share my dream with others is “Ohhh, you need a job first” or “that’s a nice dream, so what job are you getting?” I’ve had to learn that it is always difficult speaking to job-minded people about entrepreneurial endeavors because they cant relate to the desire to want to build for yourself. The advice that I would give to anyone in my position is to keep dreaming and put action behind your dreams to see them through because no one can do you like you do you so make it happen! 


You can find Diamond's Vantage Black below:

Website: https://vantageblack.com/

Instagram: @vantage_black