Purses Redefined: New Purse Trends That Are In

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Purses are a woman's best friend, they hold all of our knick-knacks and belongings for all of life's many encounters. What if I told you that for far too long have women been carrying oversized, bulky, cluttery purses that hold way too much.

Recently I have realized the blessing in little compact purses. I love a small handbag/ crossbody. As women, we are good at prioritizing, but not so much when it comes to what we need on a daily basis. Our purses should only contain things that are absolutely necessary for everyday life like; toiletries lip balm, gloss, wallet, small hand cream, hand sanitizer, mints or gum, mini perfume, a hair tie, and sunglasses. I have picked out some of my favorite mini purses to help you be sleek and compact this Spring. 



Zara Belt Bag


Target A New Day Nude Pink Fanny Pack


Zara Mini Tote Bag


Zara Round Mini Crossbody Bag



Violet Box Crossbody Bag