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When you think of the South, you probably think of southern food, but Atlanta has so much more to offer. This past weekend before I went to the Dogwood Festival, my friends and I stumbled upon a cool new restaurant Bon Ton. If the name in itself doesn't entice you, the unique fare and drinks certainly will. 

This restaurant is the perfect mash up of Cajun x Vietnamese cuisine. Although it may sound like a strange combination, Bon Ton does a great job at balancing the two. The menu items are flavorful and full of spice.  Each one of the menu items that I tried I enjoyed. 

Some of the menu items that I tried included: 

Boil House Sausage and Seafood Gumbo - (MY FAVE)

Five Spice BBQ Shrimp - BBQ flavored large prawns

House Catfish Poboy - Fried catfish on a soft baguette 

Xo Rice - White rice drizzled in spicy suace

Smoked Bourbon Mai Tai - A smokey twist on a traditional Mai Tai. 

Aside from the food giving you a kick, the decor is sure to make your head spin back in time with its funky 70's inspired living room theme dining area and bar.

This is definitely a cool spot with unique cuisine to try and is Cass in the City Approved!


Address:  674 Myrtle St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308


Monday    05PM–02AM

Tuesday   11AM–02AM

Wednesday 11AM–02AM

Thursday  11AM–02AM

Friday    11AM–02AM

Saturday  11AM–02AM

Sunday    11AM–12AM

Phone(404) 996-6177