City Girl Frosé


Summer is officially here and we all know that means, cool beverages and days tanning at the pool. Well don't worry about your spending money on those boring old wine coolers, I have the perfect drink recipe for relaxing, entertaining or just whenever you're in the mood. One of my favorite drinks, of course, is rosé, but even more is it cooler cousin frosé (frozen rosé).Here is how I made my amazing City Girl Frosé:

Ingredients Needed:

1 Bottle of Rosé

1 Box of Outshine Lemon Popsicles

2 Cup of Ice

1 Lemon

First, you will take out 5 lemon popsicles and let them soften up so they are easier to slide off the stick. Then you Pour your bottle of rosé into the blender. Then add all your soften popsicles. Next, you will add your cups of ice. Once you begin to blend you will be able to see the consistency of your rosé and add ingredients to make it more or less liquidy. I like mine to be more like a slushie so this requires more ice. After you are finished blending pour your frosé into a container and freeze for an hour. During the hour you can cut up your lemon or any garnish that you'd like to add to add some aesthetic appeal to your drink. After you've waited for an hour, get your drink out of the freezer pour it up and enjoy. Cheers! 


Cassidy Sparks