Learning to put yourself first

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How much do you love yourself? Being healthy is not just about being in shape or reaching your target weight. It is important to focus on holistic health meaning that you take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually,and emotionally. I know that on a daily basis we can encounter so many stressers that can negatively impact our mood. I am trying to challenge myself this month to remain positive, prayerful, and peaceful. Here are five ways that I balance out my mood and recharge myself as we celebrate this mental health awareness.

1. A relaxing bath.

After a long hard day at work there is nothing better than a hot bath. I like to add my favorite bath bomb or bubble bath to soothe my body. I like to create a sort of oasis around my tub to bring me serenity. I love to light candles of my favorite scent to bring some. I will play some of my favorite songs and just close my eyes and ease my mind. 


2. Exercise

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Whenever you are stressed a nice 30 minute work out is a great break from life's chaos. It is a great way to get you heart rate up and relieve stress from a long day. You don't have to have a trainer. There are so many quick workout routines on YouTube or work out guides on Pintrest that are easy to follow from the comfort of your home. 



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For me writing is an essential part of my day with my job but I also blog and write for liesure. Many people forget the bennefits or jotting down your ideas. It is so important to write down how you’re  feeling if for no other reason but to get it off your chest. I like to keep a prayer journal and to build my relationship with God. I also enjoy writing down my goals on paper and affirming them. 


4. Reading a good book

I admit I don't always take the time to do it, but reading can be a great way to challenge and ease the mind. By reading you can be transported to another world or you can be challenged to reflect and grow. Sitting in a room cozying up with a book and disengaging from the internet and conversation can help you to relax and gain clarity.


5. Pamper yourself with a facemask

This is one of my favorites. I honestly think I use facemask more than I should. I might use a facemask twice a week if I feel like it. I believe that the entire process from application to drying off your face is so fulfilling. No matter if you need the actual face mask for beauty reasons or not it definitely makes you feel rejuvinated and fresh. 


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Cassidy Sparks