3 Women - Run Podcasts That Will Help You Transform in 2019

2019 is here and off to a rolling start. It’s time to start planning, seeking knowledge, and figuring out how to make this year more transformative than the last. Whether you're looking to start a business, transitioning from school to workplace, or starting a family, we can all use a little inspiration. Although reading is a great hobby, as busy women we don’t always have time to sit down and read. I’ve come to realize that podcasts are a great way to get tidbits of knowledge. I’ve compiled a list of three podcast that will help you press refresh and regroup so you can have a more meaningful and positive 2019.

Photo Courtesy of Myleik Teele’s Website

Photo Courtesy of Myleik Teele’s Website

Myleik Teele’s My Taught You Podcast- Myleik Teele is an businesswoman and the CEO of the popular curlBOX. Her podcast has been on my radar for a while, but I hadn’t had an opportunity to listen until recently. The episode that I enjoyed and suggest you listen to is entitled, “Claire Sulmers: Not Everyone Wants to See You Win.”  The episode features the Fashion Bomb Daily Editor and Chief. One of the main points that really resonated with me was about not being afraid to ask for what you want or take  risks even if you are nervous about the outcome. I loved what she said, “First you ask then you take” and I am going to start applying that motto to my life.

Click here to check out the My Taught You Podcast.

Photo Courtesy of Black Girl In Om Website

Photo Courtesy of Black Girl In Om Website

Black Girl in Om - Black Girl in Om is a podcast that I really enjoy created by co-founders Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory. If you know me you know that I’m obsessed with self-care which is why I’m so fond of BGIO.  The podcast is all about the wellness and self-care of women of color. The BGIO podcast is a vibe you turn it on and feel the warmth of a sisterhood. The episode that I love and suggest that you check out is called “Higher and Higher: A Lesson on Vibrating Higher. “The episode touches on the relationship between emotional wounds and how they translate and affect our daily life.

Click here to check out the Black Girl in Om podcast.

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The Mattie James Show- Mattie James is a blogger who began blogging about fashion and style and is now she all about lifestyle and family. I think that Mattie James’ podcast is really great for young women who are just trying to figure out their lives and what’s next. One of the podcasts that I enjoyed listening to was entitled “How to Find Your Confidence as an Influencer.”

 Click here to check out Mattie James podcast.

 All three of these podcasts are labors of love created by inspirational Black women with a lot to say. Whenever you get a moment of free time at work, while sitting in a waiting room, while driving to work take the moment to invest in yourself and listen to the motivational podcasts. I have enjoyed listening to each of them and will continue to listen to them so that I can continue to grow and flourish in my purpose in 2019 and beyond.