Is Instagram Getting Rid of Likes?

Instagram is testing what the social media outlet would be like without them showing the number of “likes” photos receive.

According to Forbes, “As there have been tests proving that the number of likes people receive could affect mental health, social media companies have been testing interfaces where the number of followers and the number of likes users have are hidden.”

So what does this mean for you as a user?

If you’re not an Instagram user to you this means absolutely nothing, for some of you who feel that likes don’t matter this also doesn’t affect you, but for those influencers out there with millions of followers,  you may be freaking out a bit.

But wait, let me explain.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 2.20.01 PM.png

Users will still be able to view how many likes their post receives. This feature just simply limits other users from seeing that count.

Jane Manchun Wong found this unreleased feature in a beta version of Instagram and shared it on Twitter:

In the testing message from Instagram, it states: “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets,” says Instagram in a pop-up message about the featured test.

All in all, I think this is a good idea if it can help to eliminate the impact on mental health. As a micro- influencer, I do understand the business of Instagram and how it is a tool to help people monetize their brand. As long as Instagram allows personal user access to analytics I dont think it will interfere with how influencers make money.  Due to the fact that this testing isn’t targeted at your following, influencers can still count on that number to draw attention from brands.

Let me know your thoughts on this potential change. Please answer the survey below.