10 Essentials things you need for any flight

Spring break and vacations are upon us, it's time to put your prep and planning into high gear. When traveling it's extremely important to stay organized to make your life as easy as possible. I love traveling so much that, I spend time obsessing over travel organization tools. Well, I have made a list of essentials that every girl needs in their carry on to travel with ease.... so get to packing!


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A black leather tote bag is an essential piece of arm candy. This is the perfect everyday school or work bag. It will go with any outfit and it is durable and capable of holding all your daily or travel needs. This bag can be purchased from Sole Society for $65.

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Whether or not you are traveling or not, every woman needs a compartmentalized wallet. This is a multipurpose trifold wallet, card organizer and document holder. This is perfect to hold your boading passes, passport, ID and money all in one. This will make security and boarding a breeze. This baby is only $6 on Amazon.

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A portable charger is such an essential part of life. It is a must when you are on a flight, connecting to wifi, listening to music and draining your battery for hours. This rose gold portable charger by Belkin does the job in style and for only $30 at Target. With this accessory you will have an extra 19 hours of call time and 11 hours of streaming and browsing.


You have to stay hydrated while traveling. This que Bottle is the perfect travel companion collasping to fit into a carryon tote. It is not only 100% plastic-free,but it’s lightweight, and stylish. This reusable and environmentally friendly bottle is priced at $24.


A travel essential for me is to always have my laptop for work and play. It could be to respond to some emails, or maybe to catch up on Netflix. No, Im not telling you to go out and buy a Macbook to travel, I'm saying have an electronic: phone, laptop, ipad something to occupy some time while you are cruzing to your destination.

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Sleep is one of those things we catch up on, while on a flight. A neck pillow is a travel must have. This soft fleece neck pillow, allows you to have neck support and relax while trying to catch up on your zzz's. This Bed Bath & Beyond neck pillow has a clasp so it can hang perfectly inside or outside of your tote. It's definitely worth purchasing online for $10 as opposed to in the airport for $25.

travel makeupbag.png

Just throw it in the bag. This Samtour Makeup Brush Cosmetic Organizer is a compact makeup bag with multiple layers. It is perfect for holding all of your toiletry essentials in your carryon tote. When traveling every girl needs some basic products. I always carry MARIO BADESCU travel size facial spray with aloe, herb and rosewater to keep my skin hydrated. This product can be found at Ulta for $5. I love, Rosebud Salve lip balm. which can be found in Sephora for $6. To keep my hands clean while traveling, I use, Dr. Bronner's Lavender hand sanatizing spray, which smells amazing. This product can be found at The Vitamin Shoppe for $5.

sleep mask.png

A satin or silk sleep mask is the perfect accessory to go along with the neck pillow. The Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask is only $9 on Amazon.


Sophia Amoruso's #Girl Boss is the perfect flight read. It is a short, quirky and compelling book that I think all girls in their 20's should read. Regardless of which book, finding a good read for a flight can help the time to speed by. This read can be found on Amazon for $13 for paperback.


If you don't have a pair of headphones in your carryon then I don't know what you are doing. Music is essential to the soul, so it's oretty important to have a way to privately enjoy the kind you like. Flights can be long and boring but with the perfect mix or podcast. You can grab these babies at your local Apple Store for $30.

Cassidy Sparks